Student Network Membership Launch

Join the vibrant and growing global community of the ISRM Student Network today! Membership Student Membership is open to anyone registered on a University-level academic programme, whether undergraduate (Bachelors), post-graduate (Masters) level, or Doctorate/Ph.D level. We accept students from any related discipline to security / risk / crisis management in its widest meaning. We just […]

A Conversation with Patrick Lagadec – Wednesday 29th September, 1.00-2.00pm BST

Patrick Lagadec is one of the outstanding academic thinkers in the field of strategic risk and crisis management. He has been discussing issues associated with the modelling of and engagement with ‘ Unconventional, Inconceivable and Unthinkable Crisis Events’ for twenty-five years. Many of the seemingly existential challenges that we are facing as a global community […]

Strategic Risk Post-Covid-19: Lost In The Eye Of The Storm?

In the previous blog of this series I explored the ways we could improve our understanding of the impacts of Covid-19 and “deep uncertainty” by utilising the “3S” approach of situational awareness, scenario planning and sensemaking. This time I will focus on what might await us beyond this ongoing crisis and argue that we may […]

2021- The Year Of Golden Opportunity To Build Organizational Resilience

In the passing year, when the world experienced the COVID-19, many organizations underwent substantial changes, stemming from extreme situations and new opportunities: from financial growth, such as delivery companies to crash and loss of hope, for example, the restaurant business. This reality has led to the forefront of some work procedures and work methods that […]