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What Can Academia Offer To Global Risk And Crisis Management

An Introduction to the ISRM Student Network

The Texas Freeze & Critical Infrastructure


Risk & Resilience: Discussing the Hard Stuff

We all think about Risk and Resilience a little differently; an understanding for one person may not be the same for another. It may be because our biases, past experiences, and the traditional methodologies and systems we’re taught (e.g., managerialism over leadership), lead us to focus on other things. This causes us to focus only on specific risks, responses, and misguided view of what resilience really involves.

In the first of a 2 part discussion, I talk with noted personal resilience expert Dr. Gavriel Schneider about the negative and positive impacts of this kind of risk and resilience thinking, and how we can make a change for our communities, teams, organizations, and for ourselves.

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Managing Crises: Responses to Large-Scale Emergencies

From floods to fires, tornadoes to terrorist attacks, governments must respond to a variety of crises and meet reasonable standards of performance. What accounts for governments’ effective responses to unfolding disasters? How should they organize and plan for significant emergencies? With fifteen adapted Kennedy School cases, students experience first-hand a series of large-scale emergencies and come away with a clear sense of the different types of disaster situations governments confront, with each type requiring different planning, resourcing, skill-building, leadership, and execution.

Grappling with the details of flawed responses to the LA Riots or Hurricane Katrina, or with the success of the Incident Management System during the Pentagon fire on 9/11, students start to see the ways in which responders can improve capabilities and more adeptly navigate between technical or operational needs and political considerations


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