Join the vibrant and growing global community of the ISRM Student Network today!

Student Membership is open to anyone registered on a University-level academic programme, whether undergraduate (Bachelors), post-graduate (Masters) level, or Doctorate/Ph.D level.

We accept students from any related discipline to security / risk / crisis management in its widest meaning.

We just need an e-mail address that  will allow you to be registered on the Student Network, and will be used for any correspondence.

The nominal amount of $25 for a year of subscription is charged for the registration to the Student Network.


  1. Access to high-quality webinars hosted by academics and professionals around the world on a bi-monthly basis.
  2. Opportunity to have your Academic Papers and Blogs published on our Student Website and the Crisis Response Journal.
  3. Monthly lectures by ISRM Executive Director Dr. David Rubens on the current global strategic risk and crisis management issues, with reference to academic papers relevant to the topic.
  4. Access to the ISRM Student Network library populated with over three hundred classic and current academic papers.