ISRM Student Network Monthly Academic Roundtable – Sunday, 26th September 10.00-11.00am BST / 4.00-5.00pm BST

The Monthly Academic Roundtable is an opportunity to discuss current events and academic issues with ISRM Executive Director Dr. David Rubens.

For the September Roundtable, ahead of the ISRM Student Network Webinar with Patrick Lagadec, the Roundtable will discuss some of Lagadec’ s significant papers, including

Lagadec (1997) Learning Process for Crisis Management in Complex Organisations.pdf

Lagadec (2005) Crisis Management in the 21st Century – Unthinkable, Inconceivable.pdf

Lagadec (2007) Unconventional Crises, Unconventional Responses – Reforming Leadership.pdf

The conversation will be focused on the relevance of Lagadec’s writing to the issues we are facing today, and whether they accurately describe some of the ‘unprecedented’ challenges that we are seeing on an almost daily basis

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