A Conversation with Patrick Lagadec – Wednesday 29th September, 1.00-2.00pm BST

Patrick Lagadec is one of the outstanding academic thinkers in the field of strategic risk and crisis management. He has been discussing issues associated with the modelling of and engagement with ‘ Unconventional, Inconceivable and Unthinkable Crisis Events’ for twenty-five years.

Many of the seemingly existential challenges that we are facing as a global community in 2021 are issues that Lagadec has described in detail in his writing in both English and French.

The ISRM Student Network is delighted to announce that ISRM Executive Director Dr. David Rubens will host a one hour webinar with Patrick Lagdec, which will give participants an opportunity to hear his ideas on where we are as a global community, the nature of the challenges that we are facing and some of the options that we have for developing response frameworks that would allow us to engage with those challenges in a meaningful way.

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