Let’s Not Go Back to Normal

We are delighted to see the publication of our ISRM WIS co-chair Louisa Schneller in the latest issue of The Security Institute’s quarterly magazine. The past 18 months have challenged our societies globally and yet we cannot confidently say that all the countries are in the same position as not everyone is moving equally forward. Post-pandemic […]

VTTX – Campus Incident Invitation

We are excited about the announcement of our first Virtual Table Top Exercise (VTTX) for our Student Network members! Members of our Network will have the chance to join a bi-monthly exercise of a crisis simulation. This month’s scenario is based on a campus incident! You will have the chance to participate in a simulation […]

The Crisis Response Journal 16:3 is out now!

The latest edition of The Crisis Response Journal is out now! With climate change being at the epicenter of the discussion and how local communities can facilitate the mitigation of threats you can get a clear understanding of the contemporary risks and crises that our global society is facing! There are of course many more interesting articles […]

Student Network Library

We are delighted to introduce to our members the updated Student Network Library! With over a hundred books and reports there you can always find something that will be of interest to you. Take a look on there and you will find classic books from well-known authors like Patrick Lagadec and recent reports or study […]

Getting Security Done Collaborating with the ISRM

We are delighted to announce a collaboration with Getting Security Done. GSD is an exciting conglomerate of young professionals and seasoned veterans and is committed to accelarating the advancement of the security industry and they are accomplishing this through the thought leadership of emerging industry leaders and focussing the industry’s conversation in a more relevant […]

Student Network Membership Launch

Join the vibrant and growing global community of the ISRM Student Network today! Membership Student Membership is open to anyone registered on a University-level academic programme, whether undergraduate (Bachelors), post-graduate (Masters) level, or Doctorate/Ph.D level. We accept students from any related discipline to security / risk / crisis management in its widest meaning. We just […]

A Conversation with Patrick Lagadec – Wednesday 29th September, 1.00-2.00pm BST

Patrick Lagadec is one of the outstanding academic thinkers in the field of strategic risk and crisis management. He has been discussing issues associated with the modelling of and engagement with ‘ Unconventional, Inconceivable and Unthinkable Crisis Events’ for twenty-five years. Many of the seemingly existential challenges that we are facing as a global community […]

University Guide of Best Practice – School Rampage Violence

In this report, you can find proposed good practices concerning School Rampage Violence, a devastating phenomenon with long-lasting consequences. “SRV can be defined as an assault committed by individuals utilising lethal weapons, upon persons within the grounds of an educational institution”. Despite many countries like the US have best practices in place for such incidents, […]


Cyber Security remains a major threat to our security, our assets and our people. The PSG 2021 conference will bring together top government officials, leading industry experts, cutting edge innovators and global security thought leaders to offer two days of networking, presentations, conversation and discussion about security governance and information, personal and physical security. And […]