University students respond to staged emergency

Almost 500 students have taken part in a major incident simulation to prepare for their future careers. Students at the University of Gloucestershire’s Oxstalls Campus have been supported by police and paramedics in their response to a staged scenario involving the collapse of a stage at a concert. Students from a number of courses came […]

Women in Security – AI for Global Security Risk Management

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being adopted across multiple sectors, with a potential to transform the way we forecast, model and manage uncertainty. AI offers new approaches for risk assessment and proactive management, presenting opportunities to explore how technology can support and enhance security measures on an international scale. The ISRM has been exploring AI’s capabilities […]

Presilience, Resilience & the Psychology of Risk

Presilience model is that the outcome of a Resilience model is based on ‘recovery’. Presilience is about dealing with an incident to achieve a new agreed normal outcome. Presilience is much more than simply being reliable and ensuring business continuity in case a negative event happens, it’s about high performance and outcomes that make us […]

The Dual Scenarios of the 2024 US Election: Implications of a Trump Victory

The possibility of Donald Trump reclaiming the US presidency in 2024 raises critical questions about the trajectory of American policies, both domestically and on the international stage. Trump’s presidency could profoundly influence the US stance on international conflicts, its relationships with global powers and its role in international organisations. Trump’s previous term was noted for […]

Creating The Next-Generation Risk Management Framework

Join Dr David Rubens on April 18th at 19:00 Kyiv time / 17:00 BST for the online lecture on “Creating The Next-Generation Risk Management Framework”, which will examine the issues around the development of strategic risk and crisis management frameworks and capabilities that are appropriate to the challenges of the coming generation. Organisations must stay ahead […]

ISRM 5 Years Anniversary

On March 2024 the ISRM was officially 5 years old! Looking back, it is hard to believe that is already five years ago, and looking around, it is hard to believe what we have achieved since then. The ISRM has become recognised as a genuine global institute of influence, able to both partner and lead […]

Global Urban Resilience Conference Report

The inaugural Global Urban Resilience Conference brought together leading global experts and thought leaders to hold a series of wide-ranging discussions exploring the opportunities and challenges that we face in 2024 and beyond. It served as a platform for discussion on tackling modern wicked problems and the evolving nature of urban resilience in the 21st […]

The Security Circle – EP 062 Dr David Rubens: ‘Complex Crises’ on the Anniversary of Fukushima, Japan March 2011

An IFPOD production for IFPO the very first security podcast called Security Circle. IFPO is the International Foundation for Protection Officers, and is an international security membership body that supports front line security professionals with learning and development, mental Health and wellbeing initiatives. EP 062 Dr David Rubens: ‘Complex Crises’ on the Anniversary of Fukushima, […]

London Chapter – AI in Risk Management: An Open Discussion Between Users & Developers

The integration of AI tools in large organisations promises to revolutionise risk management and strategic decision making – empowering risk managers to analyse vast amounts of data, provide more comprehensive insights on emerging threats, and manage complex risk profiles in real time. Modern machine learning algorithms are adept at identifying patterns in a way that […]