Black Friday Special Offer on Kogan Page

Kogan Page will be running a special offer on their website across all books and ebooks starting from Friday 27th January until Friday 3rd February 2023.  This offer allows customers to save 25% when they purchase via and enter the code FLASH25 at the checkout.  This is a direct-to-consumer offer that only applies when purchasing less than 10 copies through the Kogan Page website (it does not apply to […]

Dr David Ruben’s Interview in Professional Security Magazine

“He was one of the busiest, airport-hopping trainers and consultants around, and then covid struck. He took that in his stride, and his Institute of Strategic Risk Management has mushroomed. We had lunch with Dr David Rubens, knowing that if we didn’t find time to meet in the quiet of the new year, we never […]

Next Generation of Cyber Warriors: Preparing Gen Z for the Digital Frontier

As a small business owner, you know that keeping your company safe from cyber threats is critical. However, you may have heard that relying on Gen Z to handle cyber security is a mistake. But what if we told you that this generation is more than capable of protecting your business in the digital world? […]

Listen: Crisis Response Journal with ISRM members

What can crisis management practitioners learn from the past and how do we prepare for the future? For the answers, tune into our latest CRJ Listen episode, hosted by Editor Emeritus Emily Hough, with ISRM members Matthew Porcelli, MSc, CPP, F.ISRM, MSyl, Ken Smith, CPP, MSc, M.ISRM and Darlene Fawcett, MBCI Listen to full conversation here >>

ISRM Annual Awards 2022

2022 has been perhaps a uniquely challenging year. The third year of Covid, global financial pressures, war in Ukraine and political meltdowns around the world. Throughout it all, the ISRM has continued to fly the flag for the development of active engagement across the academic, practitioner and policy-making fields. Our Chapters have been doing fantastic […]

ISRM Annual Report 2022

As we come to the end of the third year of Covid, it is perhaps hard to realise just how much impact that has had on us. I think that we all need to be aware of the stresses that we are carrying with us, and to take time out to detox ourselves, in whatever […]

Launch of University of Gloucestershire Chapter

We are delighted to announce that having enjoyed a strong partnership with University of Gloucestershire over the last couple of years, that has now been formally recognised with the establishment of the UoG ISRM Chapter, the first time we have had a dedicated University Chapter. This has been thanks to the inspirational leadership of Nadine Sulkowski […]