2 Free Months of the ISRM Membership

We are delighted to share the ISRM’s exclusive end-of-the-year opportunity with you! Instead of renewing your membership after 1 year, you membership will last until the end of 2024! Join the ISRM today and step into a world where endless opportunities await. Whether you’re a student or a seasoned professional, the ISRM membership opens doors […]

Virtual Conference: State of AI in Risk Management – Speakers

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising how we forecast, model and manage risk. In 2023, the ISRM has discussed AI’s growing role in risk management from arrange of perspectives. These various strands are being gathered together in our two-day Virtual Conference: The conference will explore the latest trends and developments in AI-powered risk management, addressing both opportunities […]

Woman in Security – Exploring the Future of Risk and Security Convergence

Security and risk convergence is the smart play in today’s high-stakes world. It is about bringing together the best of security measures and risk strategies to create a strong and smart defense. With threats evolving every day, from cyber attacks to physical security breaches, this approach helps organisations stay ready and resilient, turning risk management […]

Virtual Conference – State of AI in Risk Management

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being adopted across multiple sectors because of its potential to transform the way we forecast, model and manage uncertainty. New AI tools and models promise a step change in how we detect threats and make decisions. However, their adoption and management presents new challenges for business leaders, policy makers and strategic […]

ISRM London Chapter Networking Event

An opportunity to spend relaxed time with fellow security, risk and crisis management professionals, enjoy the sponsored bar and food, and catch up on both local and global news.

Canada Chapter – Crisis Management: Where Do I Start?

Join us on November 15th at 11:00 EDT / 16:00 GMT for the launch event of the ISRM Canada Chapter. Rob Currie, Canada Chapter Chair and Andrea Chedas, Canada Chapter Vice-Chair will kickstart the discussion by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience and their unique perspectives with the audience. Moderating the discussion will be our […]

Women in Security Focus: Staying Safe Online

The digital age has brought us unprecedented opportunities, but it has also exposed us to a plethora of cyber threats that constantly evolve and adapt. Online safety can’t just be a checkbox exercise – it is an important skill that empowers us to navigate the digital landscape confidently and securely. As we actively participate in […]

ISRM Mediterranean Chapter – Wildfires in the Mediterranean: From Realization to Resolution

Following the recent devastating wildfires that swept through Greece, leaving tragedy and destruction in their wake, the ISRM Mediterranean Chapter is taking action. Join us on September 22nd at 11:00 BST for a panel discussion on “Wildfires in the Mediterranean: From Realisation to Resolution”, organised by the ISRM Mediterranean Chapter. These wildfires, which have claimed lives, […]