ISRM International Journal – Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce that the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) Journal has been extended in its focus and coverage to now be the ISRM International Journal. Congratulations to all involved in making the journal a success! ISRM Journal ANZ Autumn Edition 2022 This issue is a collection […]

Manchester Arena Bombing and the Protect Duty – An Expert’s Perspective

23rd May 2022, 13:00 /BST/ Online 1 hour REGISTRATION Speaker: Dr David BaMaungMSc HRM, PhD, CSyP, Chartered MCIPD, FSyl, CMgr. Honorary Professor, Glasgow Caledonian University David’s background is mainly in law enforcement, with 30 years as a police officer (serving in operational, crime prevention, public order and CBRN roles), and a further 9 years as […]

The Human Security Side Of Displaced Victims Of War: The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

04th May 2022, 11:00 am /CST US/ Online 90 minutes REGISTRATION Right now, the country of Ukraine is an insecure place, full of threats on many fronts. A protracted violent conflict that has already imposed hardships and undercut prospects for peace and stability for some time to come. The Ukrainian conflict is complex, entailing multiple […]

ISRM Student Network Academic Leadership Programme – Arjen Boin

12th May 2022, 13:00 /BST/ Online REGISTRATION >> We are delighted to announce that the Featured Guest for our ISRM Student Network Academic Leadership webinar for May is Arjen Boin. Arjen Boin is Professor of Public Institutions and Governance at the Institute of Political Science, Leiden University. He was preciously professor of public governance and […]

Strategic Risk Management For A Complex World

We are delighted to announce that ISRM Executive Director Dr David Rubens has been invited to give a presentation on ‘Strategic Risk Management For A Complex World: How academia can support effective planning’ to students and faculty members of Universidad Anahuac, Mexico. Universidad Anahuac is the latest university to join the ISRM global network of […]

Finding Relevant Data in the Age of (Dis)information

In a time of ever growing mis- and disinformation and denouncing information as fake news when it does not meet expectations, finding relevant data can become a challenge for any imaginable topic. As mis- and disinformation can spread like wildfire it is now more important than ever to find and use data that is verifiable […]

Call for Blogs – 2021: The Year of Crisis

2021 was a year of multiple crises. From the Texas Freeze in February to Europe’s summer of flood and fire. From the supply chain crisis to the energy crisis. From the storming of the Capitol in Washington to the tensions on the Ukrainian border that have now erupted into a full-fledged war. All that on […]

Sense-Making and Complexity: Lessons From Covid

In complex scenarios, and especially those that are (rightly or wrongly) labelled as ‘unprecedented’, the first question that is asked is not ‘What should we do?’, but rather ‘Does anyone know what is happening?’. The follow-up question is then ‘Does anyone know what that means?’. The triggering of the Coronavirus pandemic at the end of […]

A Second Call Between Dr David Rubens and Dr Volodymyr Bortnytskyi

Dr Volodymyr Bortnytskyi, Senior Administrator, Social and Humanitarian Agency, Ukraine, has agreed to have a weekly call to discuss various aspects of the war in Ukraine. Dr Bortnytskyi is talking in a private capacity. Topics in this week’s call include: Global Support For Ukraine Russian Peace Talks – A Ukrainian Perspective Russian Chemical and Tactical […]