Global Crisis Watch 185

Many looked towards Moscow on May 9th to see what Vladimir Putin would say at the yearly victory parade that commemorates the end of World War Two in Russia. The span of things that were expected ranged from announcing a general mobilization, officially declaring war on Ukraine instead of calling it a special operation or […]

Global Crisis Watch 182 – Zeitenwende Postponed

In Ukraine, the battle for the Donbass has begun. In what has been described as a decisive battle of the war, Russian forces aim to encircle Ukrainian troops through a massive offensive in the region in eastern Ukraine, in the areas bordering the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics that were occupied by Russia in 2014, […]

Global Crisis Watch 180 – Tipping Point

“One could not look at what is happening there without compassion. It is simply impossible to endure all this, and it is necessary to stop this nightmare immediately. This genocide against millions of people living there”. Only days before the invasion, this is the picture that President Putin painted of Ukraine in his address on […]

Global Crisis Watch 179 – Zeitgeist

Every decade has its own character, influenced by the politics, economics and pop-culture of its time and the prominent figures who shape them. The 60s will always be associated with Hippie culture and the Vietnam War, the 80s with their poignant hair styles and the end of the Cold War and the 2000s with the […]

Global Crisis Watch 178 – Continuation

This week, the war in Ukraine will have been fought for over a month. What was initially expected to be a short invasion that would last mere days and end with total Russian victory has not only exposed colossal mismanagement and ineffectiveness of Russia’s army and the devastation and horror it brought with it, but […]

Global Crisis Watch 177 – Stalled Progress

Russian Top-General Valery Gerasimov has been credited as the architect of the reformation programme of the Russian army after 2008 that was supposed to modernize its structures, tactics and equipment after years of neglect and based on the lessons of the war in Georgia. The stated goal was to be able to fight a war […]

Global Crisis Watch 176 – The looming Humanitarian Crisis

In war, truth has always been the first casualty. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is no exception to this. Even before the start of the war, misinformation campaigns ran rampant through the media about the intentions of the Russian military build-up at the Ukrainian border. Russia first publicly denied any military intentions against Ukraine […]

Global Crisis Watch 174 – The End of the Post-War World

Almost exactly eight years after unmarked Russian soldiers, referred to as little green men appeared in Crimea, Russia started to move peacekeepers into Ukraine on Tuesday to protect two breakaway regions it just recognized. What came as no surprise after the theatrical stage play in the Kremlin on Monday is nothing short of an invasion of a sovereign […]

Global Crisis Watch 171 – The Friedman Doctrine

Over fifty years ago, on September 13, 1970, Milton Friedman, one of the most influential economists of the 20th century and winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1976, published an article in the New York Times that is both still being discussed today and arguably still at the very heart of capitalism. In […]

Global Crisis Watch 169 – Testing the Limits

When the Cold War ended, both the US and Russia had to make sense of their own new realities. While the US struggled to find its footing as the leader of a unilateral world during the 90s, Russia struggled with democratization. In one way or another both failed. Even though the US remains the strongest […]