When will COVID-19 be over?

The above question should be seen as a rhetorical one. There are many variables that we cannot predict in order to reach safe conclusions. After all, making predictions is dangerous, because they might not come true and prove the scientific community noncredible. In that case, one should reflect on the current situation and think about […]

Annulment in the time of Covid

Covid-19 has changed everything, not only at the macro level, but at the micro level too. It has had a great undeniable impact on our personal lives, specifically in conjugal lives. This pandemic is placing an additional strain on relationships. It’s definitely massive if they were already struggling. Massive amounts of people are forced to […]

Infodemic during COVID pandemic

Since the beginning of COVID-19, people have been emotionally and financially stressed, the whole world has suffered from various disasters, and there has been a lack of PPE kits and (intensive care) beds in hospitals. Yet there are some people who are using this time to spread fake news. I understand that in these digital […]

A Near-Miss?

With record daily infections and almost 240.000 dead, the coronavirus numbers hit a new high in the United States last week. Unlike the president who famously remarked roughly 38 times over the last couple of months that the virus will just magically disappear one day, the coronavirus has shown no sign of slowing down. However, […]