Global Crisis Watch 201

And so it is done. The Elizabethan Age is over, after seventy years, and it feels as though it is not just a queen who has died but a passage of human history. Her funeral was an example of pomp and ceremony at its most impressive, in a hall that was nine hundred years old […]

Global Crisis Watch 200

This week will see the 200th Coronavirus Campfire / Global Crisis Watch session. We have run that continuously since 20th March 2020, and have created a living longitudinal global record of what have been epoch-making times. The first Coronavirus Campfire discussed the fact that these were unprecedented times; that the UK government was introducing social control legislation […]

Global Crisis Watch 199

‘Winter is coming’. It is a phrase which captures a whole range of feelings, almost all of them associated with risk, vulnerability and the awareness that things are about to get a lot tougher than they were in the days of sunshine and warmth. That is true whether it is Kings Landing in Game of […]

Global Crisis Watch 198

At the beginning of the week, Darya Dugina, the daughter of Putin’s former chief ideologist Alexander Dugin, was killed in an explosion in her father’s car while driving back from an art festival. Dugin became known to a wider Western audience during the Russian occupation of Crimea in 2014, when he was vocal about Russia’s […]

Global Crisis Watch 197

As we approach the end of August, Europe is still in the stranglehold of the summer. For weeks, the sun has been relentless with record-breaking heat and the absence of rain has left soil dry and rivers running dangerously low with water. In Germany, so-called ‘hunger stones’ emerged from the drying rivers that have been […]

Global Crisis Watch 195

Global Crisis Watch 195 Friday, 05th August 10:00 am /BST/ Registration Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan yesterday. Hands were shaken, photos taken and meetings held. After that, the Speaker of the House, regarded as the third highest ranking US official, continued her tour of Asia. With almost every other state visit that would have been the story. […]

Energy Security of the Western Balkans: Oil & Gas

by Steva Miletić Energy security is one of the basic priorities of the development of modern society. States strive to provide their economy with a satisfactory level of energy security, and to design, plan and implement it in accordance with their own needs and the specifics of the environment. The Western Balkans as a region […]

2021: The Year of Crisis

by Sara Trajkovska 2021. A year that was difficult for all of us. A year that changed the lives of us all. Just when we think “it’s good, it’s enough what happened to us” then something even worse will happen. Is there an end to this? Is there a way to solve all these crises? […]

Unregulated emerging technologies as a threat to social resiliance: The case of Facebook

by Andjelija Kedzic Due to the unintended creation of a new General Purpose Technology (GPT) – the Internet and the emergence of the network society, our world is increasingly reliant on network architecture which transcends physical boundaries as it connects and shapes our society around a system of interconnected nodes. In 2021, we have witnessed […]