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Gender Equality

by John Paul McGannon Promoting Diversity and Equality According to the UN (2023) , women and girls account for half of the world’s population and, as a result, half of its potential. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but it is also required for peaceful society with full human potential and sustainable […]

Boards and Security – The On-Off Relationship and Breaking the Cycle

by Kai Toker 70000. This is the approximate global total of people laid-off from major tech firms following the world economic crisis. Other firms across the private sector have faced similar challenges and will inherently inflate this total. Professionals of varying disciplines in the corporate security sector have been some of the hardest hit by […]

Cyber Presilience® – The Human-Centric Approach to Cyber Security

by Dave Cohen An engaged workforce is undoubtedly the strongest layer in a cyber defence strategy. In the battle of usability vs security, usability will always win, unless the individual ‘why’ is connected to the organisational ‘why’. We are faced with a problem: the technical team of an organisation often communicates best with other technical […]

Duty of Care Requirements: Current Situation & Lessons Learned After Recent Evacuation in Sudan

by Miguel Angel Cumplido During recent years, COVID-19 pandemic caused a world-wide crisis and economical shock for the great global shutdown. A few days ago, May 05, World Health Organization (WHO) decreased the COVID-19 pandemic emergency level, apparently for the suscess controlling the global health crisis. However, the economical shock generated by COVID-19 pandemic will […]

Global Crisis Watch 230

You are welcomed to join us for: The highlighted topics will include: US pressure on China over global warming – and how that reflects on the western world’s approach to engagement with China in general The Biden administration is searching for ways to push China, the world’s largest polluter, to reduce carbon emissions. Since negotiations […]

Planning for Resilience: Key Elements of Implementation

by Douglas Searle Introduction Resilience has numerous meanings, including in engineering (Wang et al., 2017), personal resilience (Allen et al. 2018), and city (Labaka et al, 2019) or community resilience (HM Government, 2019). All cover the response to a challenge or stress, resulting in either recovery or a new state (Connelly et al.,2017), and for […]

Privacy Is Precious, Is Yours Being Adequately Protected?

by Sarah L. H. Saul Sadly, it seems that privacy is rarely appreciated by individuals or organisations until it is compromised. Technical surveillance attacks are in use, that’s a fact! Technical surveillance attacks are successfully compromising the privacy of organisations and individuals. We’re not just taking about eavesdropping on conversations or spy cameras, technical surveillance […]

Global Crisis Watch 229

Join us for Global Crisis Watch 229, on Friday, 26th May 2023 News that is capturing the headlines this week includes: US Government Debt Fault Crisis The United States is teetering on the brink of a debt crisis. On January 19th, 2023, the country hit its debt ceiling, sparking a heated political debate within Congress about […]

The Layered Approach

by Dylan Nash 1. Purpose: The purpose of this report is to deliver an understanding of the ‘Layered Approach’ security model to mitigating and deterring a potential terrorist attack. This report will cover the following areas: 2. Aim: To explain how security in depth, i.e. ‘The layered Approach’ can help to effectively create a more secure venue […]

Global Crisis Watch 227

Join us for Global Crisis Watch 227 Elections in Turkey Turkey is at a historical turning point, with two presidential candidates offering divergent paths. Recep Tayyip Erdogan promises a strong Turkey with job creation and blames the West for attempting to oust him. His opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, supported by a wide opposition, seeks a return […]