The Crisis Response Journal 16:3 is out now!

The latest edition of The Crisis Response Journal is out now! With climate change being at the epicenter of the discussion and how local communities can facilitate the mitigation of threats you can get a clear understanding of the contemporary risks and crises that our global society is facing! There are of course many more interesting articles […]

Counter Terrorism: It Starts from Basic Principles

The single most significant challenge for the modern security manager is to take the accepted risk and security management models that they have learned over the course of their career, and to adapt them to the new generation of emerging threats that we are all facing. If recent events have taught us anything, it is that high-profile, high-casualty attacks on soft targets in major city […]

The Topology Of Crises

The attempt to transfer a mechanistic, process-driven production line system design to the field of crisis planning and management has the seeds of failure built into its DNA, according to David Rubens. The generic use of the phrases ‘crisis’ and ‘crisis management’ in literature covers a wide range of scenarios, though often with little clear relevance to genuine crisis […]

The Nature Of Hypercomplex Crises

In this final part of his series on developing incident command systems to deal with today’s hyper-complex crises, David Rubens sets the scene for how decentralised non-hierarchical response management systems can be developed. If traditional crisis management modelling saw crises as little more than large-scale incidents, limited in terms of their geographical spread and leaving the rest of the operating environment […]