University Guide of Best Practice – School Rampage Violence

In this report, you can find proposed good practices concerning School Rampage Violence, a devastating phenomenon with long-lasting consequences.

“SRV can be defined as an assault committed by individuals utilising lethal weapons, upon persons within the grounds of an educational institution”. Despite many countries like the US have best practices in place for such incidents, many others, like Australia and its Universities do not have formalised best practices within their organisation. Despite being a low likelihood event, it can have a high impact on the people involved, emergency services and the community at large.

In the case of Australian Universities what should be of main concern? What are some relevant study cases and what are the effects of SRV in Universities?

This is a highly valuable report for the essential risk management function of every university. It also creates awareness for an issue of low likelihood that should not be forgotten and be mitigated at its root. 

This report can also be used as a reference for universal application. School violence is a phenomenon that can appear anywhere and anytime. For more information please check the report here.