Thematic Months Announcement

The ISRM Student Network is a network of students that is dedicated through information exchange, social interaction, and professional development to network with students based on our common interests and create a worldwide network.

In the pursuit of that goal, we are excited to introduce thematic months! We want to dedicate every month to explore different topics relevant to students in Security, Risk and Crisis Studies. We want to centre that approach around several areas which will be added to the website throughout the month:

  • By publishing theory articles every week, we want to introduce and explore the topic and give you starting points to dive into the topic yourself.
  • We will have a campfire once a month where you are invited to have a discussion over selected topics relevant to the month’s theme.
  • Additionally, we will offer a webinar where we invite an expert to give additional insight into the subject.

That is not all! You will be able to participate as well, as we invite you to share your writing on the topic with us. We want to hear your voice and present your opinion on our website! Check this article and don’t miss your chance to get your voice heard!

For June our subject will be radicalization. For a long time this topic has centred around terrorism, but has been broadened in recent years to include political radicalization, best seen with new phenomena such as QAnon or certain Anti-Vaxx groups. We are excited to bring this topic to you and hope you will stay tuned!