The Future of Risk: Trends & Tips for 2023 Webinar

Join the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) and Acuity Risk Management for an insightful webinar looking at the future of risk, with a focus on 2023.

The year ahead will be as equally challenging as the previous one. The NC State University and Protiviti report titled “Executive Perspectives on Top Risks for 2023 and 2032” surveyed 1,304 board members and C-suite executives from global organisations across various industries to predict the top risks for 2023. The results showed that the top concern was the ability to attract and retain top talent in a competitive job market. The second-highest risk was the potential impact of economic conditions on growth opportunities, followed by resistance to change potentially restricting the organisation’s ability to make necessary adjustments, ranking third. The uncertainty surrounding the core supply chain ecosystem and the increasing complexity of global regulations also made it top five predicted risks.

Dr. David Rubens, Executive Director of the ISRM, will provide an overview of the challenges of 2023 and discuss the future of risk management over the coming years by highlighting emerging trends and offering practical tips for organisations seeking to be resilient and strategic in their approach to risk. Three more experts in the field of risk management will bring their unique perspectives to the discussion.

James Mason, Senior Director of Global Privacy, Risk & Compliance at DemandScience, will share valuable insights on the latest trends and best practices in data privacy and security and offer practical tips on how organisations can balance data utilisation and compliance obligations in today’s changing landscape.

Mark Barwood, a Senior Safety and Security Manager at Pirate, will provide insights on how to effectively manage risk and crisis in an organisation. He will share tips and best practices for organisations to be prepared for potential threats and to minimize the impact of crises.

Louisa Schneller, Consultant at TeamMacro OU and Co-chair of the ISRM Women in Security Chapter, will share her insights on the importance of diversity and inclusion in risk management, as well as having effective risk management solutions in place and the role of specialised consulting in providing tailored solutions for organisations.

Lawrence Belcher, Business Development Manager at Acuity Risk Management having delivered various complex IRM projects across multiple verticals – including government, financial services, utilities, healthcare, media and more. Focused on providing Acuity customers with the ability to get a foothold in their risk management processes, Lawrence offers a rich knowledge of the GRC market and is an avid researcher, ensuring enhanced knowledge in upcoming changes to frameworks or new legislation.

The webinar will also include a Q&A giving the global audience an opportunity to share their own views.