Special Edition Global Crisis Watch

You are invited to join us a for a Special Edition Global Crisis Watch this Friday, February 16th at 10:00 GMT.

In a departure from our usual broad coverage, GCW 263 will focus on the evolving situation in Ukraine. This GCW session will be led by ISRM Executive Director Dr David Rubenswho was in Ukraine last week — his third visit since the conflict began.

David’s engagements with government representatives, academic and policy institutions and business organisations have afforded him a unique perspective on the challenges and developments within Ukraine as it enters its third year of conflict.

The ISRM has been involved with Ukraine since the very start of the war, including the establishment of the International Organisation for the Reconstruction of Ukraine, and David’s support and insight have been reflected in his close involvement with the National Security and Defence Council (NSDC), including hosting members of the NSDC and other organisations in London in March 2023.

In this special edition, David will discuss the current situation in the war, the overarching conditions in the country and the broader issues that Ukraine is facing.

He will also discuss the frameworks that are being developed to allow the UK and other global partners to engage more deeply with Ukraine and to support both the immediate post-conflict recovery and reconstruction but also the longer-term national transformation.

Register now and join us for a discussion on one of the most critical global crises today.