Sense-Making and Complexity: Lessons From Covid

In complex scenarios, and especially those that are (rightly or wrongly) labelled as ‘unprecedented’, the first question that is asked is not ‘What should we do?’, but rather ‘Does anyone know what is happening?’.

The follow-up question is then ‘Does anyone know what that means?’.

The triggering of the Coronavirus pandemic at the end of 2019 was a classic example of the inability to understand the significance of the information that was being received, and to have an understanding of what was required in order to model and engage with those emerging events. 

It is something that led to significant failures in decision-making, resulting in the world-changing impacts and consequences that we continue to feel until today.

This ISRM Student Network Workshop will look at these issues from an academic perspective, focusing on the  work of Karl Weick and his concept of Sense-Making, and Gary Klein and Recognition Primed Decision-Making.

The Workshop is open to anyone interested in the academic study of strategic risk and crisis management, management studies in general, or is just interested in understanding how we can model and engage with the complexities of the modern world.

Tuesday, 26th April

9.00 am /BST/ Session – REGISTRATION

4.00 pm /BST/ Session – REGISTRATION