Reflecting on 2020 and wishing you a great 2021

ISRM Students wishes all of you a great start into 2021. As students, we had to face enormous challenges in 2020 due to the pandemic. We were affected in almost all areas vitally important to us: academic, social, and financial. Academically, most of us switched almost completely to remote learning. Classrooms were replaced by Zoom. Muted mics and video turned off undoubtedly had a lot of advantages, but it did not exactly replicate the classroom feeling. Our university day took place in front of a screen (probably still in your pajama pants, no need to deny it) and our coffee and lunch breaks along with all the chatter disappeared. So did all other activities and parties. Social life as we students know it basically stopped. Being a student in 2020 also came with financial challenges for many of us. Typical student jobs disappeared over night and a lot of us gave up their apartments and moved back home. Mental health has been another issue that has had tremendous impact on our daily life. Sadly, anxiety and depression have been on the rise.

There are many more reasons that we stay connected and strengthen our existing relationships to make it through this together. We invite you to share your experiences. How did the current semester turn out for you? What were the challenges in 2020 and what do you think 2021 has in store for us? Head over to LinkedIn and join the discussion