Note-Taking Guide

Taking notes is an important part of the learning process. It helps to organize the information and comprehend more easily the important parts of an essay or a lecture. Keeping track of the flow of information can be challenging because everything might seem important and students can be
distracted and do not know on what exactly they have to focus on. This guide will propose some easy solutions on keeping the student’s focus on track and ease the process through some simple methods of notetaking for lectures and essays. Let’s go on and introduce some methods.


Notetaking for Essays

Be careful about what you highlight. When everything is highlighted nothing is! It is harder to distinguish the important aspects of an essay just by considering everything important.

In each paragraph try to comprehend the central idea of it. This is usually within the first sentence of a paragraph. Highlighting the central idea/opinion will help you understand the meaning and will bring back to memory the rest of the details. Usually, this is within one-two paragraphs not more

Learning is a process that needs the use of all our senses. It is not all about reading an essay and trying to memorize it by heart. Try to write down some aspects as subtitles for each paragraph. Organize all the sub-titles in a small text that will create a small summary for the whole essay.

When the main idea is completed read the summary again. This time get back to more details of the essay. Write down useful details as additional notes to the main body of the summary.


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