New Review of London’s Preparedness to Respond to a Terrorist Attack

The crisis and risk environment is constantly changing. The way threats were supposed to be mitigated 10 years ago have no relevance to today’s threats.

London has suffered many terrorist attacks over the years. The threat though remains till today, because it is constantly evolving.

In order to conceptualise the evolving threats and prepare mitigation strategies we need to act proactively.

Lord Toby Harris F.ISRM intends to look at the current working relationships and cooperation between the emergency services and all other services, organisations and groups that may be involved in any response.  The review will consider the ability of these agencies – both statutory and non-statutory – to respond effectively.

To assist him in this work your views are welcome.  Later this year all the important and relevant views will be reported to Mayor of London later this year. Please send  them on 

Lord Toby Harris conducted the 2016 review of London’s preparedness for a major terrorist event and is Chair of the National Preparedness Committee.

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