Manchester Arena Bombing and the Protect Duty – An Expert’s Perspective


Dr David BaMaung
MSc HRM, PhD, CSyP, Chartered MCIPD, FSyl, CMgr. Honorary Professor, Glasgow Caledonian University

David’s background is mainly in law enforcement, with 30 years as a police officer (serving in operational, crime prevention, public order and CBRN roles), and a further 9 years as a CTSA (Counter Terrorism Security Advisor) supervisor. He has worked with Interpol and Airpol on Insider Threat mitigation programs and was also part of an Insider Risk research project between CPNI and Glasgow Caledonian University. David has also undertaken much work in the crowded places sector and served as a Security Expert to the Manchester Arena Public Inquiry into the suicide attack by Salman Abedi at the Arena.  In addition to interests in Insider Risk and Crowded Places protection, David has an interest in Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), with his doctorate on the subject of developing resilience within Critical National Infrastructure against terrorist threat. He is a Fellow of the Security Institute and a Chartered Security Professional. David has a strong interest in developing links between the security sector and academia, and has been involved in work in this area.

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