ISRM Global Cyber Security SIG Launch

In celebration of the Global ISRM Cyber Security Special Interest Group (SIG) launch, we are excited to host this webinar on Aligning Cyber Resilience to Business Presilience.

  • Thursday, Nov 10, 2022, 06:00 /GMT/; 17.00 /AEDT/
  • Online Webinar
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Many questions are at the forefront of aligning cyber risk to day-to-day operational and business risk. What assistance is being given to both government and non-government operations in APAC to bolster and enhance cyber security resilience? What are the greatest challenges for organisations in managing cyber security strategies and how do we combat this? How should risk and security leaders manage key risks relating to People, Information, Digital and Physical protections for their organisations? These are just some of the topical points that we will address to ignite the conversation.

Key speakers include:

  • Dave Cohen, Head of Cyber Security SIG, Institute of Strategic Risk Management
  • Dr David Rubens, Executive Director, Institute of Strategic Risk Management
  • Dr Gavriel Schneider, Regional Chair ANZ, Institute of Strategic Risk Management | CEO, Risk 2 Solution Group
  • Prashant Haldankar, Co-Founder & Chief Information Security Officer, Sekuro