Invitation to the Introductory Call on the ISRM Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems

The ISRM is pleased to invite you to join us on July 3rd, 2023, for the introductory calls on the ISRM Centre for Study of Wicked Problems (CSWP). We understand that different time zones and individual schedules may vary, so we are offering two options for you to choose from:

The purpose of the calls is to introduce the newly established ISRM Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems. During the introduction, participants will have the opportunity to explore the CSWP’s mission and gain a deeper understanding of our objectives, discussing our multidisciplinary approach and the significance of addressing these challenges.

The ISRM team, led by Dr David Rubens, the Executive Director, will present key initiatives, research projects, educational programs, collaboration opportunities and advocacy efforts that form the foundation of the CSWP’s work.

We invite you to join us to gain a deeper understanding of the CSWP’s vision and objectives, and how you can get involved, contributing to our collective efforts in tackling wicked problems based on the transformative potential of multidisciplinary collaboration.

We believe that utilizing our worldwide network of academic, research and policy institutions, as well as the thousands of practitioners involved in every aspect of strategic risk and crisis management, the ISRM Center for the Study of Wicked Problems will become a significant voice and platform in the global efforts to find solutions to the critical challenges that we are facing on a local, regional and planetary scale.