Introducing Bookshelf

There is one thing that we as students cannot have enough of. Sleep is an obvious contender, but to truly excel at what we are studying, we need to eat, sleep, and breathe knowledge. There are several ways to gain knowledge, be it from classroom teaching, practical experience or reading. Anybody who has explored a topic or question for a paper or presentation will know the feeling of having a great question but no idea of where to find answers. We spend hours digging through library catalogues to find books or journal articles to help us getting closer. Many of the topics we encounter are easy to access, but others appear elusive and we have all been in situations where we are either overwhelmed by the literature thrown at us or are desperately trying to find anything on the topic.

This is where our idea of the bookshelf comes in. We want to create a database of books or journal articles that are helpful for students of Crisis, Risk or Security Management on a variety of topics. We will add more books over time and encourage you to help us expand the list as well. Send us books that you found useful for your studies and would recommend to other students in the field so we can build a space where we can look before hitting the library search button.

We also encourage you to head over to the ISRM and check out the public library where you will find many useful articles on a variety of topics