Global Crisis Watch 256

As we wrap up the year, you are invited to join us for Global Crisis Watch 256 on Friday, December 22 at 10:00 GMT and explore the most pressing global issues that that happened in the recent weeks of December and discuss the challenges and events that have shaped the world in 2023.

The highlighted topics will include:

The Failure to Provide Funding for Ukraine in EU Causing a Crisis

The EU failed to secure a €50bn aid package for Ukraine due to Hungary’s veto, which raised concerns over continued support for Kyiv. This follows the US inability to approve a $60bn aid plan. EU leaders plan to revisit funding options in 2024, possibly bypassing Hungary. The setback occurred shortly after the EU agreed to open accession talks with Ukraine, signaling support for its EU membership post-war. The EU also plans to begin accession talks with Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina and has granted candidate status to Georgia. Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy hailed the EU membership talks as a significant victory.

Donald Trump Barred from Colorado’s 2024 Presidential Primary Ballot

Donald Trump has been disqualified from Colorado’s Republican presidential primary due to his role in the 2020 election controversy. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled him unfit under the Fourteenth Amendment, which bars those involved in insurrection from holding office. The ruling followed claims of Trump inciting the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. While the decision currently affects only Colorado, it could lead to a significant Supreme Court case. Trump’s campaign plans to appeal and the ruling has sparked varied reactions among Republicans. The Colorado justices have paused their decision until January 4, pending a potential Supreme Court review.

Possible New Ceasefire in Israel-Gaza Conflict

Israeli President Herzog is open to a temporary truce with Hamas in Gaza for captive exchange amid international calls for a ceasefire and increased humanitarian aid. A prior agreement facilitated the exchange of captives. New negotiations, involving international leaders, are in progress but not yet conclusive. Hamas, however, rejects talks under current Israeli offensives but is open to initiatives ending aggression and allowing aid. The conflict has caused extensive destruction in Gaza, massive internal displacement and a continuing siege that has led to a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian crisis. There is an increasing number of global voices urging for a ceasefire and the UN Security Council is set to vote on a resolution.

EU Reaches Deal on Migration and Asylum Pact

The EU has finalised reforms to update its asylum rules, aiming to share the burden of hosting migrants and refugees and limit incoming numbers. The Pact on Migration and Asylum, agreed upon after extensive negotiations, includes faster vetting of irregular arrivals, establishing border detention centers, expedited deportation of rejected asylum seekers, and a solidarity mechanism to relieve southern countries with large migrant inflows. Amnesty International warns it will drastically set back European asylum law. The agreement still requires formal approval by the European Council and Parliament, anticipated in 2024.

Plus, all the stories that are catching our attention wherever we live in the world. Feel free to join us for the final Global Crisis Watch of 2023 and add your voice to the conversation.