Global Crisis Watch 253

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The highlighted topics will include:

Is Britain heading for New Austerity?

The UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, continues to deny claims of a new austerity era in Britain, insisting that substantial public funds are already being spent. He faces scrutiny over tax-cutting policies that some believe will reduce public service funding. Ahead of the UK’s Global Investment Summit, Sunak seeks to attract investments of £29.5 billion, though debates over austerity persist as he aims to close a polling gap with the opposition Labour Party, which currently leads by about 20 points. His plans for tax cuts and reduced government spending are met with criticism, especially concerning their feasibility and sustainability.

Dutch Election: Anti-Islam Populist Geert Wilders Wins Dramatic Victory

In a dramatic turn of events during the Dutch general election, veteran anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders has claimed a significant victory with his Freedom party (PVV) and is set to win 37 seats. Despite promises to be a “prime minister for everyone,” Wilders faces the challenge of building a coalition with other parties to reach the required 76 seats. His victory, rooted in concerns about migration and tough rhetoric, sends shockwaves through Europe, with far-right leaders praising his success. Wilders tempered his anti-Islam stance before the election, focusing on migration issues, a move that more than doubled his party’s parliamentary numbers. The Netherlands’ future direction is now in question as Wilders seeks to lead the nation.

COP28 starts in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) planned to discuss oil and gas deals during its role as host of UN climate talks, according to leaked documents. The documents revealed plans to hold discussions with 15 nations on fossil fuel deals ahead of the COP28 summit, despite the UN body responsible for the summit expecting hosts to act without bias or self-interest. The UAE COP28 team did not deny business talks but said “private meetings are private”. The documents also suggested commercial opportunities for UAE’s state renewable energy company, Masdar.

Israel-Hamas 5th Day of Ceasefire

Hamas has accused Israel of a “blatant breach of the ceasefire” in the northern Gaza Strip but stated it remains “committed to the ceasefire as long as the enemy is committed.” This accusation follows an incident where explosive devices were detonated near Israeli troops in northern Gaza, resulting in injuries. The truce, which is in its fifth day, has seen Israeli and Hamas fighters in close proximity. Meanwhile, as part of the ceasefire agreement, hostages have been released by both sides. Israel’s military Chief of Staff has expressed readiness to continue fighting to dismantle Hamas, while concerns continue to rise about Gaza’s healthcare system’s collapse and its potential impact on disease-related deaths.

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