Discover the Power of Leading with Absolute Clarity

We are constantly seeking something more than we are. Wanting more of this or less of that in order to achieve happiness and fulfilment. Seeking something different makes ‘Now’ not good enough. This leads to suffering. To be suffering as a leader translates to control and competition, which is exhausting and leads to burnout, work-life challenges, quality issues, and on, and on. And that is risky!

Join us in Brisbane on 27th June where Ryan Ettridge, Founder of The Clear Leader, will guide us towards a new paradigm of leadership.

  • 27th June 2023, 17:00 /QLD/
  • ART Brisbane Square, L28 266 George St., Brisbane

When we clear the distractions that underpin this constant seeking, we can show up fully present, and realise that there is nothing else to become. The intense freedom that this brings leads to clear intentions, clear decision making, and clear leadership. People will want to be part of your team, beyond technical reasons.

This interactive session is your chance to bring your challenges to the table and experience a live demonstration of the transformative principles shared by Ryan Ettridge.

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