Call for Blogs – 2021: The Year of Crisis

2021 was a year of multiple crises. From the Texas Freeze in February to Europe’s summer of flood and fire. From the supply chain crisis to the energy crisis. From the storming of the Capitol in Washington to the tensions on the Ukrainian border that have now erupted into a full-fledged war. All that on top of a global pandemic. The number of crises throughout the year have been significant and have touched every part of life, be it social, political, ecological or economical.

We believe that there should be a multiplicity of voices being heard on these crises, each one with a unique background, perspective and understanding. We call on you to be that voice! We are introducing a new series where we call for your blogs with monthly changing themes. Every submission will be published on the ISRM Students website, and we will select the best entries from all submissions to be published online in partnership with the world-leading Crisis Response Journal.

We invite you to send us short essays of maximum 1000 words on a topic of your choice under our monthly umbrella theme. You can focus on key terms or concepts, different aspects of a crisis or specific phenomena. The choice is yours! You do not have to limit yourself to your own studies and are welcome to use a multidisciplinary approach to our theme. The only formal requirements are a basic academic essay structure and a list of references at the end of the text.

Please send your entries on the subject of ‘2021: The Year of Crisis’ by May 10th to

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!