Are We Seeing the End of the American Century?

As we near the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, it seems a reasonable question to ask if we are seeing the end of what could be considered to be the American Century.

This era, historically dominated by the United States in various spheres, now faces profound uncertainties. Internally, the US is torn by political polarisation, social divides and health crises. But at the same time, the international landscape is dramatically changing.

The rise of China and other nations and the realignment of global power structures are challenging the unipolar world once led by the US. The American influence in global politics, economy and culture is being reassessed in light of these developments. This situation is not merely about the decline of a superpower, but it also reflects a significant transformation in global dynamics, where multiple players are asserting their presence on the world stage.

This changing landscape suggests a future where power is more distributed and diverse voices play a critical role in shaping global policies and decisions. This emerging multipolarity represents a significant departure from the American-dominated post-World War II order and it marks a new chapter in international relations.

Inspired by this ongoing shift in global power structure, we are delighted to announce the first ISRM Global Student Network Workshop of 2024 – “Are We Seeing the End of the American Century?”, scheduled on 26th January at 13:00 GMT.

This workshop will explore the complexities of the shifting global power dynamics and the challenges to the American hegemony. Discussions will center on the rise of other global powers and the changing landscape of international relations, critically examining if we are indeed transitioning away from the American Century.

This is a unique opportunity for students and future leaders to engage with these critical issues, contribute to a meaningful dialogue and gain insights into the evolving nature of global power and leadership.

To enhance your understanding and preparation for the workshop, we invite you to read the full paper on this topic, written by our Executive Director, Dr David Rubens.

Join us in this journey as we navigate through these changes that are shaping our shared future in our increasingly interconnected world.