A Second Call Between Dr David Rubens and Dr Volodymyr Bortnytskyi

Dr Volodymyr Bortnytskyi, Senior Administrator, Social and Humanitarian Agency, Ukraine, has agreed to have a weekly call to discuss various aspects of the war in Ukraine.

Dr Bortnytskyi is talking in a private capacity.

Topics in this week’s call include:

  • Global Support For Ukraine
  • Russian Peace Talks – A Ukrainian Perspective
  • Russian Chemical and Tactical Nuclear Capabilities
  • Morale of the Ukrainian Population and Request for International Support for War Crimes Investigations
  • Putin’s Off Ramp – What is the End Game?
  • Ukraine’s Post Office Workers Still Delivering Mail!

For more information on the situation in Ukraine, and to support our partners across the region, please join the ISRM Support for Ukraine LinkedIn Group.

Please feel free to share this recording as widely as possible.