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Global Crisis Watch 233

The highlighted topics will include:

Putin and Prigozhin

Following Prigozhin’s armed mutiny against the government, Putin accused him of treason and vowed to “neutralise” the uprising and said that anyone who had taken up arms against the Russian military would be punished. Putin praised the Russian people for their unity and offered Wagner fighters the option to move to Belarus or sign a contract with the defense ministry to remain in Russia. These recent events between Putin and Prigozhin have raised many questions about their relationship, the position of Wagner fighters in the conflict and the current state of affairs in Russia.

Trump and DeSantis

The dynamic between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis has recently captured the attention of many. The two Republican politicians have addressed crowds at dueling rallies in Florida, with both potentially running for president in 2024. Trump has gone on the attack against DeSantis, with a barrage of accusations. On the other hand, DeSantis has praised Trump for enhancing his name recognition. DeSantis also appeared near the Texas border with Mexico and pledged to outdo former President Donald Trump on Trump’s signature issue of immigration.

Police Shooting in France

A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop in Nanterre, on the western outskirts of Paris. The video of the shooting emerged and shocked the country and stirred up long-simmering tensions in France. Following the shooting, protesters set cars and public buildings on fire in Paris suburbs and unrest started spreading across the country. The local prosecutor said the officer involved had been put under formal investigation for voluntary homicide. However, this incident has further fueled the anger of the people towards the French government.

Plus all the stories that are catching our attention wherever we live in the world.