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Global Crisis Watch 227

Join us for Global Crisis Watch 227

Elections in Turkey Turkey is at a historical turning point, with two presidential candidates offering divergent paths. Recep Tayyip Erdogan promises a strong Turkey with job creation and blames the West for attempting to oust him. His opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, supported by a wide opposition, seeks a return to a pro-Western, more democratic stance. Erdogan accuses his rivals of being “pro-LGBT,” while his party aligns with traditional family values.

Israeli bombs Gaza Strip Israeli airstrikes targeted Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants in the blockaded Gaza Strip, killing three senior operatives and at least nine civilians, including three children. The attack involved 40 jets and lasted for two hours. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad vowed to retaliate, despite a fragile ceasefire in place since last week’s cross-border exchanges of fire. The attack came unexpectedly, despite the death of a prominent political figure affiliated with Islamic Jihad in Israeli custody.

Texas mall mass shooting The mass shooting in Dallas suburb of Allen, Texas, that left at least eight dead was the second-deadliest in the United States in 2023 – a year on pace to set a modern record. The gunman who opened fire on an outlet mall in a Dallas suburb on Saturday, killing at least eight people, had an apparent fascination with white-supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs that are now being examined by investigators as a possible motive for the attack, people familiar with the investigation said Sunday.

Trump accused in court of sexual harrasement A federal jury on Tuesday found that Donald Trump sexually abused and defamed E. Jean Carroll, a writer who accused the former president of attacking her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s.