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Global Crisis Watch 225

You are invited to join us for Global Crisis Watch 225 this Friday, 10.00-11.00 BST.

Headline stories include Joe Biden’s announcement that he will run for President – at 82, the oldest ever person to do so, with his likely opponent being ex-President Donald Trump who will be 78 years old.

Are we returning to an age of gerontocracy?

Other stories are the evacuations from Sudan, the explosion of Elon Musk’s SpaceX starship (the largest rocket ever to be launched) minutes after take-off, and the first call between President Zelensky of Ukraine and President Xi of China.

Plus all the stories that are catching our attention wherever we live in the world.

Feel free to join us, and add your voice to the conversation.

  • ISRM Global Crisis Watch 225
  • Friday, 28th April 2023, 10.00 BST