Energy Security of the Western Balkans: Oil & Gas

by Steva Miletić Energy security is one of the basic priorities of the development of modern society. States strive to provide their economy with a satisfactory level of energy security, and to design, plan and implement it in accordance with their own needs and the specifics of the environment. The Western Balkans as a region […]

2021: The Year of Crisis

by Sara Trajkovska 2021. A year that was difficult for all of us. A year that changed the lives of us all. Just when we think “it’s good, it’s enough what happened to us” then something even worse will happen. Is there an end to this? Is there a way to solve all these crises? […]

Unregulated emerging technologies as a threat to social resiliance: The case of Facebook

by Andjelija Kedzic Due to the unintended creation of a new General Purpose Technology (GPT) – the Internet and the emergence of the network society, our world is increasingly reliant on network architecture which transcends physical boundaries as it connects and shapes our society around a system of interconnected nodes. In 2021, we have witnessed […]

U.S. Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan

by Doris Jukić There are few years throughout the human history which are as significant as the 2021 has been. Most people in the world will know the years marking the beginning of World War 1 and 2, year in which America has been discovered or when European Union formed in a way we know […]