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VTTX – Campus Incident Invitation

We are excited about the announcement of our first Virtual Table Top Exercise (VTTX) for our Student Network members! Members of our Network will have the chance to join a bi-monthly exercise of a crisis simulation. This month’s scenario is based on a campus incident! You will have the chance to participate in a simulation […]

Nova Coronavirus – Lessons Learned from a Crisis Management Perspective

In recent years, the globalisation of crisis events has been a constant thread in all aspects of discussions around the new generation of emerging threats. The world itsel is undoubtedly more interconnected, whether that is from the perspective of corporate organisational structures, communications, global finance, critical infrastructure, travel, terrorism, data management, supply chains or any […]

Coronavirus: Adversity into Opportunity – Strengthening Resilience Through Recovery

The upwards trend in disaster losses is an indicator of unsustainable development – a warning that something is fundamentally wrong with our development pathway. The impact of hazards, such as the Coronavirus, can expose and increase fragilities in society and undermine hard- earned development gains. The ability of people and organisations to cope with extreme disruptions whilst still sustaining […]

Does Our Government Understand ‘Resilience’?

Many people will be aware that the UK Government 2017 National Risk Register listed pandemic influenza as its number one identified threat under ‘Hazards, diseases,, accidents and social threats’, on the basis of both likelihood and impact. Emergent infectious diseases (for example, coronavirus), was given the same level of likelihood (4 out of a possible 5), but […]