The Mediterranean under Fire. The Turkish and Greek Cases

The 21st year of the 21st century has been faced with what seems to be considered the worst climate crisis registered in history. The current summer season has taken many by surprise as, whereas parts of the world have had to deal with devastating floods and even tornadoes, some of the strongest fires have just […]

What will risk management look like in 20 years?

Last night as my wife and I were getting ready for bed, we were listening to a nationally broadcast chat show on the Radio. The topic of conversation was corporal punishment in schools and whether we were better off with the ever-present threat of ‘the dap’ or equivalent. Similarly, I read an old report penned […]

Pandemic Fatigue

Why corporate security can’t afford to go to sleep In late 2019 the first outbreak of Covid-19 occurred, and our lives changed. The pandemic has disrupted economies, political dynamics, communities, and at a very tangible level, our daily lives. The catastrophic impact on the supply chain, and the multitudes of security implications raised by workforces […]

Enterprise Risk Management – What’s It All About?

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) – What’s it all about? In recent times, boards and executives have started to pay more attention to the concept of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), and its implementation continues to evolve. During this COVID-19 period, a better understanding of ERM has developed in terms of its advantages, purposes, and how organizations […]